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Source Options

Then we need to choose the ODBC connection to the source database that should be migrated. And specify a user and a password that will be used to connect to the source database.

Our tool works using the ODBC connection to the source database only! It means that before using the SQLWays Wizard tool you need to install the ODBC driver and tune the ODBC connection to the database that should be migrated. You can find step by step guides on how to tune the ODBC connection for a specific database on our site.

For example:

SQLWays Wizard has the possibility to work with the databases using the DSN file.

File DSN is the file-based data source containing connection options for the database.

File DSN is very useful when you need to tune the same connection on another PC that has the same driver installed, you can just copy file DSN to this PC and use it for connection.

You also could use DSN file in case of connection to different databases of the same database server, just copy DSN file contents between different DSN files and change the names for the DATABASE option.

More detailed information can be found on the DSN File Connection page.

IBM DB2 for iSeries (AS400)

Logical File Path

This text-box lets you specify the path to the folder containing the description of the logical files (DDS files). It is required if you need to migrate Logical files from DB2 iSeries (AS400). Also, please, note that for each logical file there should exist a DDS file with the description with the same name as the Logical file. If the text-box is empty, SQLWays Wizard will not be able to convert DB2 logical files and will throw a message “view body is not available (empty)” in the sqlways.log file.

Here you can find a step by step guide on how to extract the DDS files for logical files that should be converted: How to Extract Logical and Physical Files from DB2 iSeries (AS/400).

NOTICE: If you are using DB2 iSeries 7.2 version or higher, you don't need to extract the DDS files and provide a path to them. You just need to specify logical files for conversion on the “Objects Selection” page, like you do it with other object types.


Oracle System View

Oracle System View option defines the Oracle view that SQLWays Wizard will make selects from, in order to get all the required information about the objects.
DBA - means that DBA_SOURCE system view will be used to select from. ALL - means that ALL_SOURCE system view will be used to select from.

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