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Connection Using DSN File

SQLWays has the possibility to work with the databases using the DSN file.

File DSN is the file-based data source containing connection options for the database. File DSN is very useful when e.g. you need to tune the same connection on another PC that has the same driver installed. In this case you can just copy file DSN to this PC and use it for connection.

File DSN is also useful when you need to tune connection to different databases of the same database server. Just copy DSN file contents between different DSN files and change the names for the DATABASE option.

To establish a connection using the DSN File please follow the options below:

1. Please run the ODBC Data Source Administrator and choose the “File DSN” tab:

2. Now please click “Add” button and choose the appropriate driver from the list in the “Create a New Data Source” page:

3. After you specified all the connection properties for the database you will be asked to name the DSN File:

As the default all the DSN Files are stored in the following location “C:\Program Files\Common Files\ODBC\Data Sources”, but you can save the file anywhere else.

4. To use the created File DSN in the SQLWays Wizard please click the “File DSN” radio button on the “Source Options” page of the Wizard and browse to the location of the DSN file you've created. See the picture for the reference:

Please, don't forget to specify the password for the connection as normally DSN File doesn't contain the information about the password. This is made for the security purposes.

File DSN contains different information for different databases.

Here below is the sample DSN File contents for SQL Server 2019 connection:

  APP=Microsoft® Windows® Operating System

If you have any other questions, please contact us: