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Ispirer SQLWays Wizard

SQLWays ® Wizard is the main Ispirer tool designed for database migration purposes. Using an ODBC connection, the tool is able to connect to a source database on both a local and a remote server.

The entire database migration process is performed in two steps:

Сonversion is the first step. During the Conversion stage the tool connects to the source database using an ODBC connection, extracts all the required information about the objects that were specified for the Conversion process, and converts them. The converted SQL code is stored in the SQL files on the local machine where SQLWays Wizard is running. Import is the second step. During Import stage SQLWays Wizard connects to the target database using the target database client and its command-line native utilities (exe, mysql.exe, sqlcmd.exe, sqlplus.exe and others). Using these native utilities, it loads all the converted SQL code and extracted data into the target database.