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Ispirer Toolkit: Data Extraction

The main focus of our tool is the migration of schema and business logic objects. In terms of the level of schema conversion for most areas, we have no equal. However, the tool is also suitable for data migration in most scenarios. We are actively developing and implementing new algorithms for data migration, which allows us to increase the speed for migrating within popular directions.

But sometimes the expert working with the tool does not want to wait until all the data is unloaded from the table, as this can take a significant amount of time. For example, he wants to test some options or reproduce some problem. In such a case, our tool allows you to choose, whether it is necessary to upload data from the source tables or not. How much data needs to be uploaded?

The “Export Data” option is responsible for exporting data from a source database. Also on this page you can specify the amount of rows that need to be uploaded to each table and specify the exact ones.

Also, if necessary, you can specify an SQL condition for each table, based on which only part of the data will be selected: