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Summary Page

On the Summary page we can see the information about the source connection, target database, where the import will be done, the information about the number of objects specified for conversion and the command line that will be used to start the conversion process.

Also at this page we can modify project file and options file

Project file is an automatically generated xml file. There can be found information about the objects that were specified for conversion and the modifications that were made in data type mapping. If required, the user can manually modify the project file by clicking the “Edit project file” button and correct the list of objects.

Detailed description of the information that is stored in the project file, can be found here: Project File Description

Options file is an automatically generated file, where you can find all the options supported by the Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit. All the options divided by sections, as well as a detailed description of the supported options can be found in this file: Options File. By clicking the “Edit Options File” button, you can open this file and manually set the required options before the conversion.

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