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Description of the sqlways.xml file

SQLWays.xml file is a project file that stores information about the objects that were specified for conversion in a current migration process. Project file is created automatically by SQLWays Wizard tool and is stored in the project directory that should be specified on the “Welcome” page of SQLWays Wizard tool.

Example of the sqlways.xml file with local and global data type mapping:

<?xml version="1.0" ?> 
<DatabaseInfo DatabaseName="TEST3" DbmsType="3" DbmsName="Adaptive Server Anywhere" DbmsVersion="09.00.0002" MajorDbmsVersion="9" MinorDbmsVersion="0"        DataDriverName="DBODBC9.DLL" DataDriverVersion="09.00.0002" ODBCVersion="03.52.0000">
  <ResolvedDataTypes load="1">
    <DataType name="TEXT" type="LONG VARCHAR" length="2147483647" completeName="TEXT" target="VARCHAR" /> 
  <Tables load="1">
   <Table schema="CLAIMS" name="tb_claims" rows_search="" rows_search_using="0">
     <Column name="col1" nullable="1" target="col12">
      <DataType name="INT" type="INTEGER" precision="10" minScale="0" maxScale="0" fixedPrecScale="No" completeName="INT" target="NUMERIC" /> 
   <Table schema="CLAIMS" name="tb1" /> 
   <Table schema="CLAIMS" name="test1" /> 
   <Table schema="CLAIMS" name="test2" /> 
   <Table schema="DBA" name="APORTMAP" rows_search="" rows_search_using="0" /> 

Tag <DatabaseInfo> - describes the database from which objects are selected.

Tag <SelectedObjects> - describes the objects to be converted.

Tag <ResolvedDataTypes> - describes global data type mapping to be changed from default.

Tag <Tables> - represents all selected objects.

Tag <Table> - describes the table.

Tag <Columns> - contains all columns in the table to be changed from default conversion.

Tag <Column> - describes column name mapping.

Tag <Datatype> describe datatype mapping for specific column.

If you have any questions on how to manually modify the project file before running the migration process, please contact our technical team: support@ispirer.com