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Ispirer Toolkit: Import Order

The migration process in SQLWays Wizard is divided into 2 stages - converting objects (including extracting data) and importing (loading objects into the target database). By default, the tool itself determines in which order the objects will be loaded into the target database. It is able to determine dependencies between objects and will always load parent objects before child ones.

However, often during the migration process there are scenarios when you need to set a custom import order. For example, if the data in the tables is migrated by other tools, or in other instances of our tool (and the tool supports parallel mode), it is necessary that indexes and constraints are loaded into the target database last. To do this, there is an Import option on the migration page. You can disable index and constraint loading, load only DDL for tables. Then fill in the data, return to the tool and import only indexes and constraints. This will help to get rid of any problems with dependencies and keys.

You can also disable the automatic start of import with the option “Start Import Automatically”.

This can be useful if you need to put some ready-made and tested scripts into the results folder. For example, start converting the objects you are interested in - replace .sql files with other files with the same names, upload them to the target database. Also, you can use the tool as a template for loading a list of objects into a target database.

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