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Ispirer Toolkit: Expert Mode

Over the more than 25-year history of the Ispirer Toolkit development, a huge number of options and features have been added to it, with which you can improve the conversion result. By default, we have hidden most of these options from customers to make it easier for beginners to navigate. However, when you enable expert mode in the GUI, most of the settings become available.

But even expert mode allows you to view only 10 percent of all settings. There are hundreds of other options in the sqlways_db.ini file, located in the project directory. Each of them is located in its own section, for example the [DATA] section contains all data-related options, the [POSTGRE] section consists of PostgreSQL options as a target.

You can find information about all options here. But it's easier to contact our support team. Our experts will help you find the right option or solution.

How to Use SQLWays Wizard in Expert Mode

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