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How to Use SQLWays Wizard in Expert Mode

Over the more than 25-year history of the Ispirer Toolkit development, a huge number of options and features have been added to it, with which you can improve the conversion result. By default, we have hidden most of these options from customers to make it easier for beginners to navigate. However, when you enable Expert Mode in the GUI, most of the settings become available.

In the tool's Default Mode, you can use and specify a limited set of options required to start the migration process. All additional options that help you customize the migration process are hidden.

Expert mode displays all options of the GUI version. It also allows you to use options that will help you customize some specific cases and features needed only for your migration process.

So, to use the tool in Expert Mode, you need to check the “Expert Mode” checkbox at the bottom left corner of the tool. See the screenshot:

For example, the “Conversion Options” page in Default Mode is quite simple and does not contain additional options:

But the same page in Expert Mode has many options:

We recommend using the tool in its default mode!

Only if you need to use some specific features of the tool or you have special requirements for your migration project and you are confident that the required option can be found in Expert Mode, activate it in the SQLWays Wizard software.

But even expert mode allows you to view only 10 percent of all settings. There are hundreds of other options in the sqlways_db.ini file, located in the project directory. Each of them is located in its own section, for example the [DATA] section contains all data-related options, the [POSTGRE] section consists of PostgreSQL options as a target.

You can find information about all options here.

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