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DDL and Data Migration to SAP HANA

While migrating DDL and Data into Sap Hana from other databases using the Ispirer Toolkit there are some specifics that you need to know. So to be able to load data into Sap Hana database we need to have a folder on Sap Hana server where we will copy/upload the text files with the data and CTL files. If your Sap Hana database is running in the cloud, then you need to have a folder on cloud. Also please be sure that a user hdbadm has read permissions on that directory. If the user doesn’t have read permissions, change permissions on directory where CSV and CTL file will reside.

Options Setting

So in order to generate correct import scripts we need to set the following options in the tool:

- “Directory for CSV and CTL Files” - is a path to a folder, where all the control files and files with the data will be uploaded.

- “Bin directory” - is a path to the HDBSQL.exe utility that will be used to load the definitions and data into Sap Hana database.

Running the Export And Uploading the Files

When all the options are set, we can run the conversion process and when the conversion process is finished we need to go to the Export directory, clicking “Export Folder…” button:

And in the opened folder we need to choose all the CSV and CTL files and copy/upload them to the place that we specified in the “Directory for CSV and CTL Files” option, described in the previous step. If your SAP Hana database is located on the cloud, then you need to copy these files on cloud. If your Hana database is located on the server, then you have to copy the files on the server, using ftp client:

Running the Import Process

After copying all the files to the required place, we can initiate the import process, by clicking the “Start Import” button on the “Import” tab:

And our Ispirer Toolkit will try to load all the definitions and data to the Sap Hana database.

If you have any other questions, please contact us: