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Convert Tables to CDS Format

This article describes which options should be used in Ispirer Toolkit to generate CDS scripts for migration to Sap Hana database.

So in order to generate CDS scripts for Sap Hana database, you need to set 2 options in the tool - GENERATE_CDS and CDS_NAMESPACE.

- “GENERATE_CDS” - This option defines that additional CDS files should be generated for tables and schemas.

- “CDS_NAMESPACE” - This option allows to generate the required namespace in CDS files when migrating tables to Sap Hana database. Required namespace should be specified here.

To set these options please click on the “Edit options File” button on the “Review the Selections” page. And in the opened file please find the [SAPHANA] section and set the option GENERATE_CDS to “Yes” and in the option CDS_NAMESPACE we need to provide a namespace that will be generated in the CDS files. Please see the screenshot below:

After setting these two options to the appropriate values we can initiate the conversion process by clicking the “Start Conversion” button. When the conversion is finished we can review the files that were generated by the toolkit:

And in the opened folder we will be able to find HDBDD and HDBSCHEMA files generated by the Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our support technical team: