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ORA-00942: Table or View Does Not Exist


After choosing Oracle ODBC connection on a “Source Options” page and clicking “Next” button, you may see the warning message:


When we set an ODBC Connection on a “Source Options” page, our tool executes predefined SQL queries to the system objects, using the specified connection, in order to extract information about the objects that were created in your source database. And when we see such error, it means that user, that we specify at this page, doesn't have enough privileges to read information from system objects.


You need to assign to the Oracle user appropriate privileges to read all the information from the system objects. So, the following privileges are required to support the export for Oracle objects:

  • GRANT SELECT ON sys.procedure$
  • GRANT SELECT ON dba_users
  • GRANT SELECT ON dba_part_key_columns
  • GRANT SELECT ON dba_sysnonyms
  • GRANT ALL [PRIVILEGES] ON OWNER.OBJECT_NAME for each object that needs to be migrated

More information on how to assign all the required privileges you can find here:

Setting Up Source User Privileges

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