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In addition to selecting objects from the object tree, our tool has the ability to retrieve data from the source database using the SELECT statement.

To implement this action on the Select Object page, you can configure Expert mode, and select the “Use Query” item in the “Specify Objects” drop-down list:

By default, the open window contains a template statement in the table. Double clicking on the row opens the statement editing window:

Make sure your query returns columns with non-duplicate names so that the target table can be created in the target database.

Here you can also customize the target table name:

Clicking the “Add query” button allows you to add multiple queries for migration.

The specified query can include new columns for the target table, multiple source tables, and clauses. For example, you can use joins for statements:

To add a new column for the target database, you must add the column to the statement as follows:

Our tool will then create the EMPLOYEE_NEW table with an additional DEPT_NAME column and data as per your query:


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