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How to Schedule Migration Process

After you run the conversion with the sql file specification, as in the Objects Selection article is described, you will find the sqlways_exp_imp.bat file in the export directory, which you can use for scheduling the migration process. You can use simply the batch file or each of the commands from this file individually.

This file contains the following commands:

cd "S:\Sqlways\Bin\Release"

Goes to the folder where the sqlways.exe resides.

SQLWays.exe  /D=DB2_SAMPLE /U=db2admin /P=Pwd /SF=S:\support\Ispirer\department.sql /SROW=1 /TARGET=MySQL /TH=localhost /TD=itest /TU=root /TP=root /MIGS=Clean /IMPS=Windows /DIR=S:\support\test\Export7 /R=1000 /INI=sqlways_wzd.ini /PRJF=sqlways.xml /NSTOP /GCMD=sqlways_all.bat /RC /LOG=sqlways.log /RPT=sqlways_report.html /TRACE

Runs the sqlways.exe command line tool with all the options specified during the Wizard run. As you can see there is the /SF option that lets you specify the SELECT statement for the conversion. For more information about the options, please refer to the Command-line Options article.


Runs the import into the target database.