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How to Exclude All Indexes and Constraints

Managing option settings in Ispirer SQLWays Wizard allows you to customize the behavior of the conversion. For example, you can exclude the creation of indexes and constrains during table creation.

First of all, you should set up Expert Mode. On the Conversion Options page, choose the “Tables” object in the “Objects” tree; on the “DDL” tab, select the “Table Options” item from the drop-down list; select the FAST item from the “Import order for tables” drop-down list as shown on the screenshot below:

In this case, the following conversion order will be implemented:

  • creating tables;
  • loading data;
  • creating indexes, etc.

To extend this process over time, you should do the following:

1. If you do not use our tool for data migration, uncheck the “Export data” checkbox. In this case the data will not be saved in the Export directory:

2. Uncheck the “Start Import Automatically” checkbox on the Migration Execution page as shown on the screenshot below:

3. Export all the required data by clicking the “Start Conversion” button on the Migration Execution page:

Once the export process is complete, all scripts will be saved in the Export directory specified on the Welcome page.

4. Before starting the import, select only the “DDL” option in the “Import Settings” window:

5. Upload the data:

If you are also using our tool for data migration, enable the “Export Data” option on the Conversion Options page, and then select only the “Data” option in the “Import Settings” window:

Click the “Start Import” button once again.

After this, the tables will be filled with data.

6. Once the data is uploaded, check all other objects that need to be imported: indexes, constrains, etc.

Start the import with the selected settings.

This way you can do all the steps (create tables, load their data, create constraints) separately.

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