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If you want to run a successful migration project, you need to understand how the project directory works. Most beginners skip this setting, but it is crucial to understand it before start working with it. Project directory is a folder that stores all information about the current migration process: source and target database parameters, list of the objects selected for conversion, all settings that you changed before conversion (including mappings of names and types). The information is stored in 2 files - the sqlways_db.ini settings file and the project file - sqlways.xml, which are stored in the project directory.

Most migration projects cannot be carried out by converting the entire scope once. Sometimes, it is necessary to re-convert objects several times, separate scopes, or test different scenarios.

Using different project directories for various scopes/processes can significantly reduce the time for setting up the tool/specifying credentials/selecting objects. For example, in the first project directory you want to convert one set of objects, in the second - the second. If you specify different project directories, you can switch between projects by selecting the appropriate project directory, and the tool will automatically pull up all the information about the current project. You do not have to re-select objects for conversion, specify connections or specify options one more time. All of this will already be installed. It is also better to use a separate directory for testing. In such a case you won't overwrite the results or mess up the already selected list of objects and options. If you need to convert the same scope, it's better to specify a new export directory - the results will not be overwritten and you can compare them with the results of the previous run (results from previous export folder).

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