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Order of Object Import

In the SQLWays Wizard tool we can influence the order of migration execution.

So if we would like to have the following order:

  1. create tables
  2. load data
  3. create indexes, etc.

We should choose the option FAST in Ispirer SQLWays Wizard as shown on the screenshot below:

But if this process is stretched over time, then we should do the following:

1) Uncheck Start Import Automatically as shown on the screenshot below.

2) Export all the necessary data (click «Start Conversion» at «Migration Execution» page).

NOTICE: If we do not use our tool for data migration, then uncheck «Export data», in this case the data will not be saved to the Export directory.

Once export process is completed, all the scripts will be stored in the Export directory, specified at «Conversion Options» page.

3) Create tables.

Before starting import, select DDL only (as shown on the screenshot):

Then click «Start import».

After that, empty tables will appear in the target database. Without any data, keys and indexes.

4) Upload the data.

If we use our tool for Data Migration as well, then select «Data» only.

Then click «Start import» once again.

After that, the tables will be populated with data.

5) After loading the data, check all the other objects you need to import: indexes, constrains, etc.

Run the import with the selected settings.

Thus, we can perform all the steps (create tables, load their data, create constraints) separately.

More Tips and Tricks

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