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Teradata: Setting Up Source User Privileges

When we use Teradata as a source database in the SQLWays Wizard tool, we need to specify the user that will be able to read information from the system tables. You can utilize a user that already exists in your source database or create a new one and assign appropriate privileges to him. So to create a new user you can apply the statement below:

  • CREATE USER test_user as PASSWORD = Pwd PERM = 100000000;

The user that you will utilize should have the select privilege on the DBC.TVM, DBC.Dbase, DBC.triggersTbl. So to assign the select privilege you need to execute the following statements:

  • grant select on DBC.TVM to test_user ;
  • grant select on DBC.Dbase to test_user ;
  • grant select on DBC.triggersTbl to test_user ;

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