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Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise: Setting Up Source User Privileges

SQLWays utility uses select statements to sys* tables to extract information about the source DDL for all the objects that need to be converted. Also a user should have privelegies to work with all the objects that should be converted during your migration project. So, you can use a user that already exists in your source database or create the new one and assign appropriate privileges to him. To create a new user you need to create a new login and then create a user with the same name in the required database:

  • SP_ADDLOGIN test_user, password
  • SP_ADDUSER test_user

After that you need to grant appropriate privileges on the objects that should be converted in your current database. It can be done using the GRANT statement on the required object:

  • GRANT SELECT ON to test_user;
  • GRANT EXECUTE ON test_schema.s_procedure to test_user;

NOTE: You can run a select statement that will generate GRANT ALL statement for the required objects. In WHERE clause you can control for which objects GRANT statement will be generated. In this example GRANT statements will be generated for all the tables, procedures, triggers and views in your database: select 'grant all on ' + name + ' to test_user' from sysobjects where type = 'U' or type = 'P' or type = 'TR' or type = 'V'

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