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Requested Server Name Not Found


During the data import you may receive the following error message:
CTLIB Message: - L6/O8/S5/N3/5/0: ct_connect(): directory service layer: internal directory control layer error: Requested server name not found. Establishing connection failed.


Here might be two reasons:

- The server is down. Just check whether the server is running.

- You are not allowed to make an import into the server from your client machine.


If you have checked that server is running then please try to do the following steps:

1. First of all, in the MASTER database run the query below:

 sp_dboption [database_name], "select into/bulkcopy", true 

2. In sql.ini file of Sybase client (directory for example:c:\Sybase64\ini\sql.ini) add new server_name. Here is a step by step guide on how to do that: How to add new server_name to the sql.ini file on client machine

3. Set the created server name in the “Server” option on a “Choose a Target Database” page in the SQLWays Wizard tool.

Only after that we will be able to connect to the required server.

If you have any other questions regarding the usage of our tool, please, contact our support team: