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Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere: Setting Up Source User Privileges

When we use Sybase SQL Anywhere as a source database in the SQLWays Wizard tool the user that we specify to connect to our source database should have appropriate rights to read information from all the system tables. You can use a user that already exists in your source database and grant him the required privileges or create the new one and assign appropriate privileges to him. So to create a new user you can use the statements below. For Sybase 11 version and higher you can use CREATE USER statement:

  • create user test_user identified by password;

For the Sybase Anywhere 10 version and lower you need to use GRANT statement to create a user and grant the required privileges.

  • GRANT CONNECT to test_user IDENTIFIED BY sql

The user that you will use should have select privilege on the SYS.sysuserperm, SYS.sysprocedure, SYS.sysviews, SYS.systable, SYS.sysprocparm, sysdomain, SYS.systrigger, sysgroup, sysusers, sysusertype, sys.syscolumn, sys.sysindex, sys.sysixcol, sys.sysfkcol, sys.sysforeignkey, sys.sysconstraint, sys.sysevent, sys.syseventtype, sys.sysschedule tables. So to assign the select privilege you need to execute GRANT statement for all these system tables. Here is an example of a grant statement:

  • grant select on SYS.sysuserperm to test_user ;


You can just initiate GRANT DBA TO test_user.

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