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Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA): Advanced Options

There are some additional options for configuring the target database. You can open the window for setting these options by pressing on button “Advanced” at the “Target Options” page of SQLWays Wizard:

Client-Side Character Set Conversion
This option specifies client-side character set conversion for the BCP utility (Parameter -Y). Possible values: “Yes”, “No”. Default value is “No”.

Client-Side Password Encryption
The ISQL and BCP utilities commands could use the parameter -X - determined the password encryption for the client-side. This option specifies it in SQLWays Wizard. Possible values: “Yes”, “No”. Default value is “No”.

Batch Size
This option specifies the number of rows per batch of data copied. By default, bcp copies n rows in one batch, where n is equal to the batch size. Batch size applies only when you are bulk copying in; it has no effect on bulk copying out. The smallest number bcp accepts for batchsize is 1. The largest number bcp accepts for batchsize is 2147483647L.

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