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Column Origin in Table has Value Exceeding its Max Length or Precision


The problem arises when you try to export the data, that is longer than the SQL-WIDTH specified for the column, using the ODBC connection.


Manual Solution

You can fix the issue manually by changing the value of SQL-WIDTH parameter using the PROGRESS Data Administration tool.
To do this, please follow the steps below:

1. In the Data Administration, please select the name of the database and the name of the table. Then you need to select Options → SQL Properties → Adjust Field Width, as shown in the picture below:

2. In the opened window please select the column which length should be changed and change the value in the field Width:

The Width value should correspond to the data length stored in the table column, otherwise the issue will raise again and you'll have to change the value one more time.

Automatic Solution

You can use DBTOOL, native Progress utility, to fix this issue automatically for all the tables in your database.

To use DBTOOL utility, please follow the steps described:

1. open PROENV (Progress Environment) utility.

2. On the proenv please specify DBTOOL and direct path to your database:


3. After that DATABASE TOOLS MENU is shown with the available options. Please specify option 2 (SQL Width Scan w/Fix Option). This option identifies and automatically fixes issue with maximum length exceeding.

4. CONNECT - Here you need to enter your connection type (0, 1, or #threads).

  <connect>:(0=single-user 1=self-service >1=#threads)?

5. TABLE - Please specify table number or all tables to be checked.

  <table>: (Table number or all)?

6. AREA - Please specify area number or all areas.

  <area>: (Area number or all)?

7. DISPLAY - Enter the verbose level. The amount of output displayed depends on this value.

  <display>: (verbose level 0-4)?

Once these options are specified, you will see the log information regarding the fixing process.

And all the columns that correspond to the exceed maximum length issue will be changed automatically, without any manual work.

If you have any other questions, please contact us: