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During the import into PostgreSQL database when loading data into a table the following message arises: “Invalid Byte Sequence for encoding UTF8”.


  • When loading data into a table with LOB columns. It appears because BYTEA data type is not able to read the LOB data properly.
  • When loading data that contain Japanese characters using psql.exe utility on SJIS environment (psql.exe bug).


NOTE! In order to set the settings below, Expert Mode should be enabled: How to Use SQLWays Wizard in Expert Mode

  • For the case with loading LOB data.

To solve the issue for such a case, just set the BYTEA Format option to HEX or to Escape value. You can find this option by clicking on the “Advanced” button on the “Choose a target Database” page and set it like it is shown on the screenshot:

This option will change the representation of the LOB data and load it into the target database.

  • For the case with SJIS environment

To solve this issue for such a case, just set Encoding option to SJIS. This option can be found on the “Choose a Target Database” page on the “Advanсed” window:

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