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TNS Service Name Configuration

TNS Service name is the local name of the remote Oracle service.

There are 2 ways to specify the TNS Service name:
- using “Net Manager”;
- using “Oracle Net Configuration Assistant”.

Here we will create TNS Service Name via “Net Manager”.

Please open the “Oracle Net Manager” window.

Please, perform the following steps for the Net Service Name configuration:

a. Сhoose “Local → Service Naming” configuration item and click “+” button:

b. Set up the “Net Service Name” and click “Next” button.

c. Choose the network protocol. Normally it's TCP/IP. Click “Next” button.

d. Please, specify the “Host name” of the Oracle Server, the “Port Number” and click “Next” button.

e. Set up the “Oracle Service Name” and click “Next” button.

f. Now please “Test” the connection: click “Text” button and in opened “Connection Test” window click “Change Login” button, set up the credentials and click “OK”:

g. Click “Test” button.

h. Complete the Net Service Name specification and close the Net Manager or select menu item “File → Save Network Configuration”.

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