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Referring to a TEMPORARY Table More Than Once in the Same Query in MySQL

In MySQL you cannot refer to a TEMPORARY table more than once in the same query, that's why it requires significant code changes.

Let's consider the following piece of code:

 create procedure self_join_proc
   create table #temp_t1(a int, b int)
   insert into #temp_t1 values(0,0);
   insert into #temp_t1 values(0,1);
   insert into #temp_t1 values(1,1);
   insert into #temp_t1 values(1,2);
   select t1.a, t1.b, t2.a, t2.b from #temp_t1 t1, #temp_t1 t2 where t1.a=t2.b;

For this case there is the following solution: it can solved by creating a similar temporary table.

First need to check if there is a temporary table with the name tt_temp_t12 and if it already exists, delete it. Then we create tt_temp_t12 temporary table and fill it with data from the tt_temp_t1 table. In the select statement, instead of reusing the tt_temp_t1 table, we will use the newly created tt_temp_t12 table.

If the temporary table is used three times in one query, then two additional temporary tables will be created, if four times - three additional temporary tables will be created, and so on. This way we will avoid referring to a temporary table more than once in the same query.

You will get the following result:

   create PROCEDURE self_join_proc()
     create TEMPORARY table tt_temp_t1
       a INT, 
       b INT
     insert into tt_temp_t1  values(0,0);
     insert into tt_temp_t1  values(0,1);
     insert into tt_temp_t1  values(1,1);
     insert into tt_temp_t1  values(1,2);
     CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE tt_temp_t12 select * from tt_temp_t1;
     select t1.a, t1.b, t2.a, t2.b from tt_temp_t1 t1, tt_temp_t12 t2 where t1.a = t2.b;

Let's compare the results:

Microsoft SQL Server MySQL
exec self_join_proc
CALL test.self_join_proc()

As you can see, procedures return the same result set.

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