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Cannot Sort Rows


When migrating from huge Informix database, during the conversion stage some tables may fail with the following error:

 [Informix][Informix ODBC Driver][Informix]Cannot sort rows.Execute query failed.


Usually it is a problem with the temp dbspace of the Informix server. Not enough space. Also this situation may appear during the conversion stage because our tool uses only select query with ORDER BY clause to get the information about all the columns in all selected tables.


Please open the options file by clicking “Edit Options File” button on the “Summary” page in SQLWays Wizard tool. In the [_WZD_COMMON] section of the opened file please set PRECACHE_OBJECTS option equal to “No”.

If the solution with the PRECACHE_OBJECTS option doesn't solve the issue, please check the amount of free space in the temp dbspace. Run ccmsrv status -all -s <dbserver> to get the status of the servers dbspaces. If the free space is less than half of the total, there could be a problem. Taking the server offline and back online will free up space in the temp dbspace:

ccmsrv offline -s <dbserver> ccmsrv online -s <dbserver>

If the problem is not resolved, please increase the size of the temp dbspace with the ccmsrv expand command.

Ispirer Notification:

If you want to set PRECACHE_OBJECTS option equal to “Yes” in order to improve the performance of conversion stage, please note that the number of selected tables should be greater than 50% of all the tables created in the database. The performance will be improved only in this case.

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