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Convert Multi-Member Tables from DB2 AS/400

To convert Multi-Member Tables from DB2 iSeries using the Ispirer SQLWays Wizard we need to follow the steps described in this article.

Create Aliases on Members

First of all we need to identify the list of members created on a specific table. And then create aliases for each member, using the query:


Such aliases should be created for all members for each multi-member table that we need to migrate during our migration project. In other case not all the data will be extracted from multi-member tables.

Use Query

After all the aliases were created, we need to run the SQLWays Wizard tool and choose “Use Query” item in “Specify Objects” dropdown list, at the “Objects Selection” page, like it is done on the screenshot:

Then we need to specify select query, that will be used to select the data from all the members created on the table. And also set a target table name in the second column. Please see the example:

You can specify multiple queries and extract data from all the multi-membered tables that you have in your source database. To add or remove query please use buttons “Add Query” and “Remove Query” accordingly.

Run Migration

After providing the queries to the created aliases we just need to run the conversion process and our tool will extract all the data from the tables and will generate correct table definition, that will be loaded into the target database.

If you have additional questions regarding the migration of multi-member tables from DB2 AS400, please contact our support team: