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Azure Synapse Analytics: Bin Directory and Utilities to Perform Import

SQLWays Wizard is able to execute the import process automatically. To perform it, user should provide target database credentials and Bin Directory.

Bin Directory is a path to a folder containing command line utility of the target database (like psql.exe, sqlcmd.exe, mysql.exe and others). With the help of this utility import process is performed.

So, during the import native utility connects to the target database using database credentials and tries to create all the objects that were converted by the tool.

It is extremely important to provide correct Bin Directory if we want to make an import. If a user doesn't have the appropriate utility on their local machine, it's necessary to install the DB client for a target database.

For Azure Synapse Analytics you need to specify a path to the folder containing bcp.exe and sqlcmd.exe native utilities. By default these utilities are located in the directory like: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\[DB_Version]\Tools\Binn\. Otherwise, you can find them in the directory specified during the installation process of Microsoft SQL Server database. You can also check the location of these utilities in the Management Studio installation directory.

If there are no such utilities on the machine where migration process will take place, it means that you need to install the Microsoft SQL Server Client. You can download the SQL Server client from the Microsoft official website.

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