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How to Automate Selection of Objects

If you need to select a large number of objects for conversion, we have the ability to automate the selection in several ways.

1. On the Object Selection page, click the “Filter objects” button. In the window that opens, click “Add”, double click on “Object Type” value and in the dropdown list select the type of object. Set up the Schema name or Object name (here you can use star (*) to select by name with mask). You can also enable/disable the Case Sensitive (CS) checkbox and apply the selection by clicking OK:

The list now shows the selected objects and you can select them for migration by clicking the “Add all” button:

2. You can change the project xml.file using the list of objects: Select multiple objects for each object type you need and go to the Migration Execution page by clicking “Next”:

The Project directory now contains the project xml file containing a list of selected objects:

Here you can add additional objects (it is allowed to add 2 additional tables) and save the file.

If you need to add an additional schema, add the schema to the appropriate part of the file:

You also need to add a list of objects:

Start the conversion:

You can see that the added objects are converted:

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