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How to Consolidate All Scripts into One .sql File

During the migration process, our tool creates a scope of ddl files for each object. These files are located in the Export directory. There is also an option to collect all these ddls into one script file.

To perform this action, the TARGET_FILES_GROUPING option in the [DDL] section of the .ini file must be set to ALL:


To set up the options follow the How to Set Options instructions.

Note that in this case, the data export must be disabled: set the EXPORT_DATA option to No in the [_WZD_COMMON] section of the .ini file or uncheck the box on the Conversion Option page, the Data tab:

To complete the migration, in this case the script must be executed manually rather than using the Start Import through SQLWays wizard.

If you have any questions about the supported options or the features that you may need during your migration project, please contact our technical team at