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How to Schedule Daily Data Upload for Windows (ETL)

1) Select all the required tables for conversion:

2) Uncheck the “Generate DDL” option (the table should already be converted):

3) Specify the “Data Cut” condition using the WHERE condition and the source SQL language - in the example we will copy the data from the previous day, but you can select a time period as well:

4) Copy the command line and paste it into any .bat file:

5) Start the conversion. Copy the Import command and add it as the following command to the .bat file:

6) As a result, we should get the following .bat file (the 1st line is the conversion command, the second one is the import):

1) On the “Specify Database Objects” page choose “Use Query”:

2) Create any number of queries (any queries to any tables) and specify the names of the target tables:

3) Based on these queries, the tool will extract this piece of data and load it into the target tables.

4) Copy the export command and place it in an empty bat file:

5) Select only “Data” on the Import options page:

6) Start the conversion and copy the Import command:

7) Save the .bat file, containing 2 commands - export and import:

The run_test.bat file will manage the daily data transfer from one database to another. Executing this file will start the data migration. Now you can schedule this task using any scheduler (for example, the build-in windows task scheduler):

1) Click “Action” → “Create Basic Task”.

2) Specify Name and Description:

3) Select how often you want to run this task:

4) Specify the start and end date, as well as the time:

5) In the “Action” section, select “Start a program”:

6) Select the .bat file as a Program/Script:

7) Click “Finish”. That's it. Now your conversion will run daily, moving the data.

You can schedule it as described in the section above (“Data Cut”).

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