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How to Collect Debug Information about Migration Process

Ispirer Toolkit collects some debug information during the migration process.

The information can be useful in determining how the migration process was performed to find sources of error, if any.

Some information is collected in sqlways.log and an xml files in the PatternsLogs directory.

There are two parameters in the [COMMON] section of the ini file that help to add more details to the collected information:

Section Option name Possible values Default value Description
[COMMON] TIME_STAGE_DEBUG Yes/No No If it is set to Yes, information will be added to the sqlways.log file indicating the time elapsed for each stage of the conversion
[COMMON] PATTERNS_LOGS Yes/No No If it is set to Yes, detailed information about the execution time of each conversion template will be collected after the conversion is started, and then saved to an xml file in the PatternsLogs directory.
After the conversion, the PatternsLogs folder will be created in the export directory.

Next, we recommend you to read the guide for finding the mentioned files and folders.

Both applications, Ispirer SQLWays Wizard and Ispirer nGLFly Wizard, have a similar interface for defining paths and parameters.

Ispirer SQLWays Wizard Ispirer nGLFly Wizard
To set some of these parameters, please click the “Edit options file…” button
on the Summary page and add them to the [COMMON] section of the ini file:
The export directory where sqlways.log is located
and where the PatternsLogs folder will be created if necessary

Thus, after migration you will be able to provide developers with sqlways.log and an xml file from the PatternsLogs directory.

It will undoubtedly help them to quickly and efficiently detect all errors and fix them.

If you have difficulties in collecting debug information, please feel free to contact our support team at