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How to Extract Data Using SCN in SQLWays Wizard

SCN (System Change Number) is a parameter that is used in Oracle database to control transactional consistency and version control of data. The SCN is an integer value that is incremented with every change in the database.

SCN is used in various Oracle database components such as replication and data versioning. The SCN is also used to synchronize changes between different instances of the Oracle database to ensure data consistency throughout the system.

The ability to select data using SCN has been added to Ispirer SQLWays Wizard for Oracle as a source database. This can be done in the following way. On the Objects Selection page in the upper left part, click on “Specify Objects” and select “Use query”:

After that specify the query where SCN will be used in the appeared window, in the “Select statement” column. If necessary, you can specify several queries:

Then proceed with the conversion as usual. As a result, you will get the generated table DDL script and data that matches the SCN.

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