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How to Generate C# Project Files during Migration

Ispirer Toolkit allows to generate C# project files for some conversion pairs during the migration. More often this option is required when you convert project files from, f.e. Delphi (*.dpr, *.dproj) or Visual Basic (*.vbp, *.mak).

Let's take Delphi conversion as an example. After you select Delphi project file for conversion and set all needed source and target options, you should click button “Advanced” on “Target Options Page”. In the modal window you should set option “Generate *.csproj file” to “Yes” and select needed Visual Studio version in a dropdown below.

After conversion ends, you will have C# project file in the results folder

You can also generate C# project files using command line conversion. You should open *.ini file and add two options in [CS] block:



where *version* - Visual Studio version (f.e. 2019)

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