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About Migration Studio

Ispirer Migration Studio is a central application with a modern graphical user interface and rich functional and visual possibilities for performing and testing all supported database and application projects migrations.

Migration Studio is similar to the interface of the well-known IDE Microsoft Visual Studio (actually, it is developed on Microsoft Visual Studio Isolated Shell) and has similar concepts of “Solution” and “Project”. The migration scope of files or database objects can be conveniently gathered, configured and handled in a single migration project. Besides conversion operations, Migration Studio also provides functionality for automated testing of migration projects. The basic interface elements of Ispirer Migration Studio can be seen below:

Studio has a specific concept of conversion item that corresponds to the source file/object, its current and expected conversion result at the same time, which are displayed simultaneously in the 3-panel mode of the editor.

There are also several representations of the migration projects structure, the so-called view panels:

  • Solution Explorer: shows the hierarchy of all physical files related to an open solution and its projects.
  • Projects View: shows the logical hierarchy of a solution, its projects and their conversion items.
  • Results View: similarly to Projects View, shows all the conversion items but with regard to their status received during the testing process (comparison of the current conversion result with its corresponding expected result right after the conversion phase).

All these 3 view panels are interconnected. Changes made in one view panel are immediately depicted in the other two panels. An example of the contents, appearance and interrelationship of the view panels is shown in the picture below: