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One license key is used to register all the tools of Ispirer Toolkit. After entering the license key in one of the tools, the entire toolkit is automatically registered. There is no need to register each tool separately.

In order to register Ispirer Toolkit 10 please follow this instruction:

1) Find your license keys in the file “License Key.txt” attached to Ispirer response letter to your request made on the Ispirer website (https://www.ispirer.com/) or received in any other way. The file contains registration name and registration codes for 32-bit and 64-bit editions. An example of such a file:

2) Save the attached license file on your computer and remember the path to the file location.

3) Launch SQLWays Wizard or nGLFly Wizard using shortcuts on your desktop or from the Windows Start menu.

4) Please find “Enter License” button in order to open License Registration

5) In the appeared “License Registration” dialog, click the “Read From File” button.

6) In the appeared “Open License Info File” dialog, choose the license file on your computer and click the “Open” button.

7) When the license information appears in the appropriate fields, click the “Register” button.

8) In the appeared “License Restrictions” dialog, please review your license terms and restrictions, accept them by choosing the corresponding radio button and click “OK”. An example of such restrictions can be seen below:

9) The toolkit is registered successfully now.

Please consider the license restrictions when choosing a scope of files/objects to convert/migrate with the tools of Ispirer Toolkit. If due to the existing license limitations, you are unable to estimate the possibilities of Ispirer Toolkit, and you would like to have an extended license, or you have any other questions, please contact us at https://www.ispirer.com/contacts.