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Convert SQL Scripts in Batch Mode

Our tool allows you to convert application source files from Command Line or a shell script.

Open a command line window by running Start → Ispirer Toolkit 10 → Ispirer Toolkit Command Line or Start → Run → cmd.exe

To convert SQL scripts run sqlways.exe as follows:

sqlways.exe /f=d:\sybase_scripts\*.* /source=SybaseASE /target=MySQL /dir=d:\mysql_scripts

Note: Ispirer Toolkit Command Line options are case insensitive and their order is insignificant.

  • /F specifies the location of the source script files

You can specify a full path, a list or a template (*.*, *.sql i.e.)

  • /SOURCE specifies the source database type
  • /TARGET specifies the target database type

The list of available database types:

  • Oracle - Oracle database
  • DB2 - IBM DB2 database
  • MSSQL - Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Postgre - PostgreSQL database
  • MySQL - MySQL database
  • SybaseASE - Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) database
  • SybaseASA - Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA), Sybase SQL Anywhere database
  • Informix - Informix database
  • Progress - Progress database
  • Teradata - Teradata database
  • Neoview - HP Neoview database
  • /DIR specifies the location of the converted script files (output directory). sqlways.log (conversion log) is located in this directory.