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Ispirer Toolkit User Guide: Additional Information

If you have any questions or face with some difficulties that are not covered by this guide, please contact our support team ([email protected]) and provide log files (sqlways.log, sqlways_imp.log) along with a detailed description of your case.

If due to the existing license limitations, you are unable to estimate the possibilities of Ispirer Toolkit, and you would like to have an extended license, or you have any other questions, please contact us at http://www.ispirer.com/contacts.

Ispirer is flexible in terms of cooperation and engagement models with the Customer. Generally, there are two main engagement models used by Ispirer:

  • Migration Using Ispirer Toolkit: providing the toolkit with adjusted automatic conversions with appropriate licensing and support (https://www.ispirer.com/products/software).
  • Ispirer Migration and Modernization Services: if you want to get a turnkey solution without involving your own resources, you can use Ispirer Services, thereby you will save your time, lower costs and get ready-to-use results on time (https://www.ispirer.com/services).