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On the Welcome page, you should specify the project directory where the sqlways.log file with the log of the assessment process and reports will be saved. By default the project directory is /Documents/Ispirer/Ispirer Assessment Wizard 10/.

If you want to change the project directory, make sure that you have access to it. In other cases, we can't guarantee that the reports will be saved properly.

Next, we need to choose the ODBC connection to the source database that needs to be assessed. Also specify the user and password that will be used to connect to the source database.

Please note: Our tool only works using an ODBC connection to the source database! This means that before running Ispirer Assessment Wizard, you need to install the ODBC driver and set up the ODBC connection to the database that is to be analyzed by the tool.

Please note: The user specified on this page must have appropriate rights to select system tables from the source database. For more information about source database user privileges, see the appropriate section for your source database.

On the Choose a Target Database page, you need to provide information about your target database. This information will not affect the assessment speed or its assessment effectiveness.

On this page you can specify:

  • Target - name of the target database in your project;
  • Product - product name, for example LUW, AS400, ASE, ASA, IQ & etc.;
  • Version - version of the target database.

This page allows you to select objects for assessment.
To select objects for assessment, you can use the arrow buttons below the window or simply drag objects from the left side of the page to the right.
You can move a single object, an entire schema, an entire object type, or an entire database.

On this page you can set additional options.

Data size
This option allows you to specify the data size in gigabytes (any positive integer can be specified here). If you prefer to calculate data size automatically (a time-consuming operation; default behavior), select the Collect data size information automatically option.

On this page, you need to click on the “Execute” button to start the assessment process, and our Assessment Wizard will collect information about the objects selected for analysis.

On the Execution page, you can check how the assessment process is progressing.
The tool displays each object as it collects metrics and provides overall statistics at the end of the log.
The same information can be found in the sqlways.log file in the project directory.

Here you can see a summary of the assessment containing the DSN name, selected objects and a link to a report with all the details of the assessment.
Similar information can be found in the “reports” folder in the project directory. There is a set of html files containing metrics.

Submit the MigrationAssessment_Report.html file to our business managers for analysis.

These steps describe how to generate assessment reports for a source database using Ispirer Assessment Wizard.
If you have additional questions or encounter any difficulties, please contact our support team: