How to Migrate Data into Existing Database

If you want to overwrite the table definitions, you can specify “Generate DROP TABLE statements” option in SQLWays Wizard. Please refer to the "Generate the drop table statements" page.

To load the data into existing table structure without recreating it, uncheck the "Generate DDL" option. In this case, SQLWays Wizard will transfer only data.

You can find this option on the “Specify DDL and Data Options” page. You just need to click on “Tables” branch and select “Generation Options” in the dropdown list of the “DDL” tab. After that please uncheck “Generate DDL” option and run the migration. In this case SQLWays Wizard tool will extract, convert and load only data, without the objects definitions.

Before running the migration please also make sure that the “Export Data” option is enabled. To check it, please click the “Data” tab on the same page:

Ispirer Note:
Please note, that when running data only migration, you need to be sure that there are no constraints in the database that will not allow to push the data into tables in your target database. Otherwise, you will have to disable such constraints in your database before the migration and enable them after the migration process is finished.

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