Data Was Not Loaded (SQLLDR Bug with oranfsodm12.dll)

After running the import process into the Oracle database in the import log file there was no information about the number of loaded rows, and additional .log files with the information about the data load process were not generated in the export directory.

Also when running the -help command with sqlldr utility.

 sqlldr -help

You see the screenshot below:

This issue appears with Oracle Database Client (, because there is no oranfsodm12.dll in the BIN directory (directory on the local machine, where all the Oracle utilities are located).

This case can be tackled in 2 ways.

Copy the File

In the BIN directory, copy the oraodm12.dll file and renaming it to oranfsodm12.dll. And it should solve the issue.

Reinstall your Oracle Client

The other way is to reinstall your Oracle client.

After the installation process this issue should be fixed.

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