COLNAME Error - Converted N Bytes. X Errors Found Beginning At Offset

During the export process from DB2 database you can see error “COLNAME Error - Converted 50 Bytes. 49 Errors Found Beginning At Offset 0”. Here is the screenshot, how the error message looks like in the sqlways.log file:

The case is connected with the ODBC conversion of unsupported characters when making select from DB2 database.

To solve this case, please go to the ODBC Data Source Administrator and edit your DB2 ODBC Connection. At the ODBC Driver settings, please go to the Translation or Conversion tab, click “Advanced” button and check the 'Allow unsupported character' checkbox. Like it is shown on the screenshot:

If you have some additional questions or face any difficulties, please contact our support team and provide a detailed description of the case you encountered:

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