How to Parameterize Login Information After Generation of Import Script

You can use environment variables to specify the SERVISE, PASSWORD and USER for the whole run in sqlways_all.bat. But firstly you need to specify these environment variables in SQLWays Wizard, so that it could them in all the bat files with the commands, like:

The Password is specified as %PASSWORD% here.

As the result you will have bat files for data and ddl loading with the commands like, e.g. for Oracle:

sqlplus %USER%/%PASSWORD%@%SERVICE% @calendar_ddl.sql

All the bat files are ran using the sqlways_all.bat file with the command like:

sqlways_imp.exe /bat=sqlways_all.bat

So all that is left is to update the sqlways_all.bat file with the following SET commands before the CALL statements:

set USER=ora
set PASSWORD=pass
set SERVICE=ora

As the result the SQLPLUS command will be executed as follows:

sqlplus ora/[email protected] @calendar_ddl.sql

As you can see, by changing just three values in the sqlways_all.bat file, you can control which user, password and service name is to be used for the whole load.

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