How To Collect Information About DB2 Logical Files

To collect information about logical files from a DB2 database, you need to have DDS file for each logical file that should be assessed. At the “Choose a Source Database” page, in the “Advanced” window, we need to specify a path to the folder where these DDS files are located on the machine where the assessment tool is running.

Our tool will read information about objects extracted from DB2 database, and when the tool defines that the object is a Logical File, it will check the folder with DDS files and will try to read the structure of this logical file from the appropriate DDS.

Here you can find a step by step guide on how to extract the DDS files for logical files that should be converted:
How to Extract Logical and Physical Files From DB2 iSeries (AS400)

Please note:
If you are using DB2 iSeries version 7.2 or higher, you don't need to extract the DDS files and provide a path to them. You just need to specify logical files for assessment on the “Specify Database Objects” page, the same way you specify other object types.

If you have additional questions regarding the migration of Logical files from DB2 AS400, please contact our support team:

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